What Is a Root Canal?

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Our teeth should last a lifetime, but sometimes we need a little extra help keeping them healthy along the way. Although the teeth are strong, they are still susceptible to injury and infection like any other part of the body. Infections and injuries can be painful and harmful to one’s overall health especially if the tooth’s soft inner tissue (pulp) is affected. 

If an infection spreads to the pulp, it can deteriorate the tooth, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. More effective than the root canals of the past, a modern root canal in Seattle, WA, can save your smile with a simple and pain-free procedure. Root canal treatment at Phinney Ridge Dental can save your tooth and restore your smile. 

When Should I See a Dentist Near Me? 

The age-old adage says, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” and we wholeheartedly agree. If you are concerned you may have an oral infection or need a root canal, please do not hesitate to visit your dentist. A dentist can give you a thorough dental examination, prescribe an effective treatment, and take preventive measures. 

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, your pulp may be infected:

  • Severe pain in the teeth or gums
  • Bumps (fistulas) on the gums 
  • Tooth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold food or beverages
  • Swollen, discolored, or tender gums
  • Abnormal growth or abscess in the mouth 
  • A fractured or chipped tooth 

Good dental care shouldn’t be a luxury you can’t afford. At Phinney Ridge Dental, we work with you to ensure you receive the necessary care for maintaining a healthy smile. You can depend on Dr. Bickel, your dentist in Seattle to provide you with the compassionate and high-quality dental care you deserve.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Seattle?

Root canal treatment saves millions of teeth every year. Root canals in Seattle aren’t as scary as they once were. Now, they are more similar to getting a cavity filled. Root canal treatment can help your dentist save the natural tooth and relieve your pain. It can also help preserve the alveolar bone, which holds the teeth in place. Finally, root canal treatment can help you avoid painful tooth extractions or costly dental implants down the road. 

What Does the Root Canal Procedure Involve? 

A root canal is a treatment during which your dentist carefully removes the infected pulp. A root canal saves the natural tooth and protects it from further damage. If your dentist in Seattle, WA, prescribes root canal treatment, there is no need to worry. Our team at Phinney Ridge Dental will be right next to you during the entire process. 

Root canal treatment can seem daunting, but sometimes it is necessary to save an infected tooth.  Before the procedure, your dentist will numb the area to dull the pain. Once your dentist removes the pulp, he or she will carefully clean the tooth. 

The final stage of root canal treatment is the filling and sealing process. During this process, your dentist will fill the saved tooth with a resilient, bacteria-shielding substance called gutta-percha. Depending on your unique case, your doctor will complete the treatment by sealing your tooth with a crown or filling. 

Let’s Talk Teeth At Phinney Ridge Dental

Root canals in Seattle, WA, start with our compassionate and experienced team at Phinney Ridge Dental. Our skilled team of dental professionals can ease your anxieties and pain throughout the entire procedure. Your comfort and safety are important to us, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your dental care experience goes smoothly. To schedule a root canal in Seattle, WA, or if you have any questions, please call our dental office at (206) 782-8370.

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