How to Prevent Tooth Decay While Wearing Braces?

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To prevent tooth decay while wearing braces, we recommend brushing and flossing after eating or doing so at least twice daily. Of course, cleaning teeth that have braces can be tricky, which is why your diligence is essential.

Your dentist or a member of our dental team will instruct you on gently cleaning your braces to maintain your oral health and not damage the orthodontic system.

But let’s examine a few tips to keep cavities away during treatment.

4 Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay During Orthodontics

If you have braces in Phinney Ridge, WA, you want to keep your teeth and the braces clean to prevent decay and oral infections.

#1 Brush Your Teeth and Brackets

Of course, keeping your teeth and gums clean is always essential, but you may also want to spend a little extra time cleaning your brackets. Clean braces contribute to fewer cavities during treatment and lower your risk for oral infections.

Flossing may be tricky, but you can maneuver the floss beneath your guidewires and work between your teeth to eliminate plaque and bacteria. However, be gentle with your wires! You may also consider a Waterpik.

#2 Eat Sensibly and Responsibly

 We recommend lowering your intake of sugary and acidic snacks and drinks—during orthodontics and after! Sugar and acid promote tooth decay, especially when not cleaned from the teeth and brackets.

#3 Rinse Your MouthPrevent tooth decay while wearing braces | Seattle, WA

If you’re away from home and can’t properly clean your teeth, be sure to rinse your mouth after eating and drinking. At home, you can use an alcohol-free antibacterial rinse to keep your teeth and gums cleaner.

#4 See Your Phinney Ridge Dentist

If you notice an issue, including a dark spot on a tooth or sensitivity, contact your dental team to arrange a visit with the dentist. And if you’re going to be in orthodontics for an extended period, be sure to keep up with checkups and teeth cleanings.

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