How Long Do Orthodontic Braces Last?

orthodontic braces in Seattle, WA

Orthodontic braces in Seattle, WA, also called traditional or metal and wire braces, last throughout your orthodontic treatment. However, the timeline for how long you’ll need braces depends on the complexity of your issues.

For mildly crooked teeth or minor bite issues, you may only need orthodontic treatment for several months or up to a year. However, it may take longer to bring teeth in line—one to two years or something in between for twisted, overlapping, and severe bite alignment issues.

Learn Whether Traditional Braces in Seattle, WA, Are Right for You

With a consultation in our dental office, you learn whether traditional braces suit your needs and how long you’ll need treatment. A member of our team can also talk to you about the cost.

The first step is an exam with the dentist. At this appointment, we also answer your questions and talk to you about your orthodontic goals. If we discover that traditional braces are not suitable for your needs, your dentist may recommend an alternative. However, traditional braces work for most of our patients.

Health and Aesthetic Benefits of Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are a tried-and-true orthodontic system that has straightened countless smiles over the years. And braces can correct the following:

  • Overbite, underbite, openbite
  • Crooked, overlapping, and twisted teeth
  • Unusual or uneven gaps between teeth
  • Bulky appearing teeth

Straight teeth enhance your self-esteem and make smiling easier. Additionally, an aligned bite and predictable bite surface mean less wear and tear on your teeth. And a straight smile is easier to brush and floss productively.

How Orthodontic Braces Work

After determining that braces are a good option for you, your dentist or orthodontist in Seattle, WA, attaches guide brackets to the surfaces of your teeth. We carefully thread these brackets with guidewires. Then, according to your dentist’s schedule, you come into our office for wire adjustments, usually every week or two.

This method brings your teeth in line slowly so as not to be painful during your orthodontic treatment. The gradual process is always preferred.

Maintaining Your Straight Smile

Your Seattle orthodontist or dentist fabricates a custom retainer worn after orthodontic treatment. This retainer helps train your teeth to stay in their new positions. Should you break or lose your retainer, which is worn at night, we encourage you to contact your Seattle dentist as soon as possible.

Failure to wear your retainer can result in orthodontic relapse—your teeth shifting back to their previous positions.

Orthodontics as Part of a Smile Makeover

Invisible braces in Seattle, WASometimes, you have a great smile that only needs some straightening. However, some patients would like a whiter smile. Perhaps, they have a missing tooth or issues with too much gum showing when they smile.

We can create a custom treatment plan that includes orthodontics but also considers other aesthetic issues.

Some of our cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

  • Tooth-colored restorations
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Tooth replacement
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental veneers

We can work on a timeline that considers your lifestyle and budget. And we also offer dental and orthodontic specials in Seattle, WA!

For Affordable Orthodontics in Seattle, Give Us a Call Today.

We are happy to help you achieve your best smile through orthodontics. To get started or if you have any questions, a team member is happy to chat with you today.

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