Finding the Right Dentist in Seattle for Your Children

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As a parent, your child’s smile is probably the most precious thing in your life, which makes finding the right dental practice for children’s dentistry in Seattle so important. You might first rush off to the nearest pediatric dentist, but trips all over town to get your family’s dental cleanings and check-ups quickly become cumbersome.

At Phinney Ridge Dental, our team welcomes children with a family-friendly atmosphere that suits patients of all ages. Many of our team members are parents themselves and understand the unique challenges that parents face when helping children develop healthy habits.

First Dental Visits for Kids

We follow the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommendation that kids should have their first dental visit around the time their first tooth makes an appearance, or at the latest by his or her first birthday.

This milestone dental visit will be fun and easy for your little one. Children at age one are sponges for knowledge and new experiences, and our team wants to make sure they start off with a positive experience.

  • A simple dental exam
  • Consultation with parents
  • A ride in the chair
  • A fun welcome from our team

Often, we will have little ones sit on parents’ laps during their first visit, especially if they need a little extra reassurance.

Your Growing Child’s Smile

As your child grows, we will add in preventive dentistry services according to their needs and level of cooperation. Dental check-ups and exams are the foundation of a healthy smile. Bitewing x-rays, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants can all contribute to a healthier smile.

Naturally, decay prevention is essential, since it is one of the most common childhood diseases and completely preventable!

Children’s dentistry in Seattle is far easier when you have a team that provides gentle dentistry for kids and adults alike, making it a positive experience for the entire family.

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