Do You Know the Truth behind These Health Myths?

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We hear a lot about fake news these days, but the fact is that certain myths have always surrounded dental care and dental treatments. We are here to help demystify the facts when it comes to your oral health. We work hard to educate patients and empower them to take control of their oral health and smile.

Here are some common dental myths you may have heard. Be sure to ask us about any others you are uncertain about!

Brush Teeth Immediately after a Meal

About 50 percent of people believe that they should brush their teeth right after they eat a meal. It is important to wait about 30 minutes to allow the saliva in your mouth to neutralize any acids that can soften your enamel. Brushing immediately after eating can actually damage enamel.

Rinse Your Mouth after Brushing

More than 65 percent of people believe that you should rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. The reason we stress using fluoride toothpaste is that it is a natural mineral that supports healthy enamel. When acid softens the protective enamel on your teeth, fluoride can strengthen it and help to prevent tooth decay.

Rinsing after you brush your teeth removes the beneficial fluoride from your teeth instead of allowing it to sit on the teeth for as long as possible. 

Fruit Juice Is Healthier than Soda

Nearly 50 percent of people worldwide believe that fruit juice is better for your teeth than soda. While juice may contain more vitamins than soda, it is equally damaging to teeth due to its acidic nature. Some juices are more harmful than others, but drinking water is always a great option.

If you do drink juice, you should rinse your mouth afterward to reduce the acids on your teeth.

Only 50 Percent of People Worldwide Go To the Dentist

Do you have a dentist that you trust with your smile?

Contact your dentist in Phinney Ridge for a complete evaluation and to discuss any concerns you have about common myths surrounding your oral health. Our team is dedicated to educating our patients on how to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

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