3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Looking Whiter Longer

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You’ve invested in a white smile with professional teeth whitening in Ballard. Now, protecting your bright, white teeth is important so that you get the most out of your investment. If you want your gleaming smile to stay that way, here are a couple of simple tips to follow.

Avoid Staining Beverages

While food can leave stains on teeth, especially the healthy colorful fruits and vegetables and flavorful spices like curry and turmeric, beverages can cause stains as well.

Coffee, tea, wine, and soda all leave color deposits on teeth. If you are a coffee drinker, you might find it particularly difficult to give up your morning cup o’ joe. You can minimize the stains on your teeth by rinsing your mouth with water after drinking your favorite beverage. 

Don’t Smoke or Chew Tobacco

Tobacco stains cling to teeth and build up over time. It doesn’t take too long to turn a white smile into a yellow or brown one when you have a tobacco habit. We understand this is one of the toughest behaviors to quit, but we are here for you with valuable resources if you decide it’s time to let go of smoking.

We will never pressure you, but if you’re ready, we’re here to help.

Regularly Schedule Teeth Cleanings

You can retain your at-home whitening trays to touch-up your teeth when stains start to discolor them again. The best way to touch-up your smile is by having a professional dental cleaning, which will remove surface stains, before using your custom whitening kit to bleach away deeper stains.

If you are thinking of teeth whitening in Ballard, at Phinney Ridge Dental, we offer both in-office and take-home whitening options to give patients a choice for achieving a brilliant, younger-looking smile.

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