Why You Should Avoid the Trend of DIY Dental Cleanings

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Recently, a few patients who have visited Phinney Ridge Dental excitedly shared that they have been using a DIY dental hygiene kit at home. Sold online through discount and coupon sites, DIY dental hygiene kits contain a small metal pick to remove tartar from the teeth. 

While our patients had good intentions, your experienced dentist in Seattle, WA will likely advise you to set that DIY cleaning kit aside and schedule a professional dental cleaning instead. 

Why You Should Never Use DIY Dental Hygiene Kits

You might damage your gums. The pick provided in DIY dental cleaning kits can slip and pierce the delicate gum tissue. Damage to your gums will hurt and could open the door to bacteria. If you cause significant damage, it might mean you need an emergency dental appointment.

You could cause permanent damage to your enamel. Enamel is strong and durable, but without the proper training, you may cause abrasions on the enamel covering your teeth. This could increase your risk of developing decay and darken the tooth by scratching it, which can cause stains to collect.

Our dental hygienists receive rigorous training to learn how to effectively clean teeth without damaging the enamel or gum tissue. Precision instruments remove tartar without putting your health at risk. Put your trust in the hand of a dental professional with proper training. It’s worth the time and small investment.

Your teeth benefit from a polish. DIY kits do not include a dental polishing handpiece. When your hygienist nears the end of your dental appointment, they will use fine-polish fluoride toothpaste inside a rotating cleaning cup to remove residual tartar and surface stains from your teeth. 

We monitor your oral health. As part of your preventive dental care in Seattle, your dentist and hygienist monitor changes in periodontal health and identify decay or cracked teeth – something that is not possible at home!

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