How Much Do Tooth Extractions Cost?

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There is always a good reason if you need tooth extractions in Seattle, WA! Your dentist makes this decision only when necessary. And in many cases, it can open the door for a brand-new smile.

Reasons You May Need Tooth Extractions

The most common reason for tooth extraction is deep decay or tooth trauma. In this case, your dentist will recommend tooth replacement to restore your smile.

Tooth replacement is essential because it prevents tooth migration—teeth slowly moving toward smile gaps. Tooth migration disrupts your bite and leads to tooth wear. Eventually, this can mean new cavities or even further tooth loss.  

Your dentist may also recommend tooth extraction before orthodontics if your jaw cannot accommodate all your teeth.

Finally, our dental office provides gentle wisdom teeth extraction for patients with problematic third molars.

Tooth Extraction Costs in Seattle, WA

Tooth extraction costs vary for many reasons:

  • Insurance benefits—Some dental insurance plans cover some or all costs.
  • Extraction type—Typically, a surgical extraction costs more than a simple extraction.
  • The number of extractions—Multiple extractions will cost more than single extractions.
  • Sedation type—The type of sedation or anesthesia level also plays a role in the final cost.

Our team will let you know the price following your consultation with the dentist when you come into our dental office.

The Tooth Extraction Process

We use image-guided technology to preplan your tooth extraction. Sometimes extraction is simple. Other times it is complex. In either case, we provide gentle treatment and always ensure your comfort.

We also offer sedation dentistry options for patients who need a little extra reassurance.

Contact Your Dentist in Seattle, WA

If the idea of a tooth extraction makes you nervous, our team can ease your fears with gentle and comfortable care.

And if you have a damaged tooth or painful wisdom teeth, we encourage you to reach out to our dental team for a consultation.

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