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It happens to all of us. One day, you look in the mirror and a glittering grey hair or wrinkle around the eye makes its first appearance. Aging is a natural part of life.

Our smiles also age and are prone to wear and tear. After all, our teeth work hard for us every day making sure that we can enjoy our favorite foods. Bruxism, or clenching and grinding habit, causes wear to develop more quickly and may even lead to a breakdown of teeth.

When considering cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, it may at first seem out of reach. At Phinney Ridge Dental, we offer a number of cosmetic services for patients of every age and any budget.

Simple Cosmetic Solutions

Teeth whitening and dental bonding are noninvasive and affordable ways to spruce up your smile. Teeth whitening improves the color of your teeth and removes all traces of those delicious lattes from the corner coffee stand.

Bonding is a quick and easy way to change the shape of a tooth. Whether you want to fill in a noticeable chip or a small gap, dental bonding makes it easy. We simply add tooth-colored composite to your existing tooth and polish it to a smooth finish.

Planning a Makeover

For more dramatic cosmetic dentistry, many of our patients choose porcelain veneers. Veneers completely cover the front of the tooth to reshape, straighten, or lighten the overall appearance. Veneers can fix one tooth and can also correct many teeth at once for a uniform appearance.

Out with the Old

Sometimes, metal dentistry makes the entire tooth look grey. Replacing old fillings and crowns with updated tooth-colored options solves that problem and gives your teeth a brighter look.

Cosmetic dentistry in Seattle can mean big or small changes that help you have more confidence to show off your smile.

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